How To Plan For House Extensions

How To Plan For House Extensions

If you are looking to expand your house, why not consider house extension ideas? An extension can increase the usable space in your house, adding to its convenience for living, relaxing and playing. Home extensions are not just for those on the move, as many of them are finished buildings that have been converted into living spaces. The majority of these extensions are used to enhance the attractiveness of a house, by improving its look from top to bottom. This article will explore different house extension ideas for you to mull over.

House extension architects can offer you a variety of ideas for your new extension. What is good about this, is that it usually comes with great options to choose from. Whether you are thinking of an external extension, such as a large conservatory to open up the backyard space, or something simple like a small rear extension to keep expenses down, there are a host of routes to take, to ensure that you get your desired result, at the end of the day. With the right ideas at hand, you can be sure that whatever your house is currently lacking in, it will be able to find it somewhere in a house extension. Remember that the main aim is to enhance your existing house so that your house can live up to your expectations, whilst at the same time, making your house even better than it already is.

  • Bathroom Space: Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in a house, even though it is one of the most used. Therefore, when planning house extensions, it is important to ensure that you leave plenty of room in this room. One of the most popular extensions is the addition of a new shower cubicle. This can be done by installing a new showering tap, with built-in shelves, behind a fitted bath. Many people prefer to install built-in wall showers, because of the convenience and the benefits of shower cubicles.
  • Home Office: One of the things that are most vital when considering house extension ideas, is your home office. This can be the focal point of the house extension, allowing you to create an office space, where you can work. This can include a single workstation, a computer desk, a filing cabinet and even a home office chair. The utility room is an important factor here, so depending on your needs, you can choose to install cabinets, cupboards or simply opt for utility sinks, providing a place for your everyday personal items to be stored.

  • Back Yard/Outdoor Spaces: A home extension design can include extra outdoor space. This can be for entertaining guests or for placing garden furniture. Deciding on how to best utilize this outdoor space is up to you, depending on whether you want to use it for relaxing or working. For an architect friendly backyard, think about installing patio doors, adding a deck or gazebo, or perhaps even planting low growing trees to create a natural feel and achieve a more natural light feel from the house extension.
  • House Extension Considerations: Adding a swimming pool into your new extension? Or perhaps a hot tub? Swimming pools are expensive, but an added benefit is that they add value to your house. The same applies to hot tubs; they can also be an asset to any house extension, as they will increase the available floor space and make it easier to entertain guests. Consider the swimming pool and hot tub costs and add them to your overall house extension budget, so that you know exactly what you have to work with.
  • Garage Conversion: Are you considering a garage conversion or a lift kit? Both garage conversions and lift kits are cost-effective options to consider. Lift kits are relatively easy to install, but require an expert’s touch. The garage conversion is not only cost-effective, but if done properly, it can add significant value to the property. If either of these options is not viable, then look towards other house extension ideas. With some careful planning, you can find many different and cost-effective options that will add value to your property without having to compromise on functionality.

Other house extension ideas would include adding a deck or patio to the back yard, extending the amount of living space by putting in a deck or patio, installing a garden shed or carport, or perhaps even a swimming pool or hot tub. You may wish to consult a professional architect or landscape designer to assist you with any of these ideas. They can ensure that your new additions are cost-effective and work well within your home or outdoor setting. A house extension is only limited by your imagination and budget. Be creative and figure out what would best suit your needs and fit within your price range.

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