Blackhill Residence: Recreation Area


Client: Blackhill Residence
Duration: 7 months
Project type: New construction / additions and alterations

One of my client’s dream was to design and construct an entertaining area based on the Route 66, old 1960 dinners with outdoor drive in, tenpin bowling alley with a twist of rustic & recycled bar area all in one place. With his passion of collecting American cars and memorabilia what other better way of displaying his iconic items than creating a
Themed entertaining area for all the family and friends to enjoy and share.
We had Contractors fly in from Melbourne to coordinate with our site manager and construct the bowling alley, discussion with time frames and availability of materials which had to come from the USA with graphics ROUTE 66 critical design phase. Surface for the car runway with the polish floor and the integration of how they met to form a clear edge was the next challenge with mixing two polished epoxy surfaces without the integration of one or the other.
Sourcing of materials and working with the client as a design and construct was a great challenge, putting my ideas into the client’s head and letting the client put his spin on it was amazing and between the two of us we had achieved an amazing result with minimal changes.