Robinson Residence


‘Merit’ MBA Excellence in Housing Awards 2008 – “Custom Built Homes Over $1 Million”

Client: Available on Request
Contract Value: $1.5 – $2M
Project Type: Custom Built Home
Duration: 15 months

This residence is an architecturally designed, custom built home. The existing building (except for the ground level footings, slab and sub floor brick walls) was demolished and the new building was designed and constructed within the same foot print. This method was adopted to achieve time savings and therefore ensure the project was cost effective. External finishes on the home include a mixture of polymer rendered brickwork and Symonite (aluminium composite panel). Internal finishes include timber veneer and fabric wall panels, ceaser stone and granite benchtops, select grade blackbutt floors, stairs and ballustrading and a wide range of ceramic and stone tiles. This project displays the forward thinking and cooperation that is required to ensure the building industry continues to move forward. A unique contemporary design (by EJE Architecture) coupled with the selection of cutting edge internal finishes (by Archer + Wright) has been professionally constructed and delivered by Demato. Verge landscape architects completed the landscape design including specification for refurbishment of the existing pool. This successful collaboration has resulted in a high degree of client satisfaction. The beachside location of this home is considered to be one of the most corrosive building environments, a fact which had to be taken into account when installing every material specified for use. Therefore the greatest challenge for Demato was to construct a home that delivered the architect, interior designer and landscape architects vision to our client while ensuring the structure remains impervious to the elements it is exposed to. A site visit will confirm this challenge has been overcome and all expectations exceeded.