How to choose the right colour scheme for your home

April 5, 2018 Uncategorized

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how amazing the architecture of your home is, if your interior design and colour skills aren’t up to par, the whole house fails. The popularity of home staging in the real estate market, and the reason project display homes are always kitted out to the hilt with feature walls and furnishings, is due to the fact that we are a visually driven society. Colour schemes and interior design literally breathe life in to creative home construction.

Simply building a home is just the bones. The walls and roof and doors are the cake, the interior decorating is the icing. If you are looking to build a new home, renovate or redecorate your existing house, here’s some design tips we have compiled for nailing your inside colour scheme:

  • Start with darker shades on the ground and go lighter as you look vertically. American designer, Mark McCauley says, “Any interior space replicates the outside world. The exterior environment is generally darker below our feet (the earth itself), medium-valued as you look straight ahead (buildings/trees) and lighter skyward.”
  • Start with the formal, more frequently occupied spaces and work your way out from there. Choose your colour scheme for areas like the living room and entry way first. Take small elements and colours from these larger areas and place a less dramatic version in your smaller spaces, like the study or spare bedroom.
  • Grey is the new black. This trendy, versatile, neutral tone can complement both warm and cool design schemes, as well as pastels and fluoroes. If you’re stuck for inspiration, start with a popular shade of grey and work from there.
  • The colour wheel is your friend. Unless you work in an industry like interior design or visual arts, you may not have seen a colour wheel since seventh grade art class, but it’s a vital tool for balanced decorating. Why so important? The colour wheel visually displays which colours blend suitably when paired. If you don’t know it off by heart, Google will help you find a digital colour wheel so you can get started.
  • Use warm and cool contrast. Warm colours such as orange, yellow and red, make us feel cosy and evoke reminders of sunshine and heat. They are best used in large spaces as they make things appear closer, giving that welcoming feel. Cool colours such as green, blue and purple are soothing as they naturally associate us with the sky, sea and ice. Cool colours are the opposite of warm colours, as they make things appear further away. This means they’re perfect for smaller rooms that you would like to make visually bigger. Both warm and cool colours should be used in every decorative scheme with one being the dominant feature, depending on whether you’d like the room to look cosier and warmer, or calming and larger than life.
  • Keep it simple, follow the rule of three. For the interior design novice, the rule of three is near fool-proof. Don’t complicate things and stick to only three shades on the palette.
  • Design for you. In the end of the day, you (and your family) are the ones that will live in your home. Your personal style is your trademark and if you decorate authentically, most people will appreciate that, even if your style differs from theirs.

Interior design is an area that allows for creative license. There are some basic rules and guidelines to follow but ultimately, it’s a very individual thing. At Demato Construction, we are all about custom design, and making your home a haven you want to be in, and be proud to show your friends, family and neighbours. We work with talented architects and interior designers to make this happen. If you’re wanting more information on how to build and decorate your dream home, give us a call today on 4910 3800.