Three reasons why your architect is so important

December 5, 2017 News, Newsletter


Whether you’re looking at new construction, extending a smaller home to create more space, or undertaking a luxurious remodel of your current home, you’ll really need to consult with a licensed, experienced architect. Before you worry about the costs involved with bringing an architect on board, let us explain 3 reasons why it’s so important!

  1. Full master plan

An architect is not only skilled and trained to develop detailed plans based on your wish list and budget, they also have the ability to create and refine a vision of the completed project and explain it to you, so you understand too. Not everyone can look at building schematics and know what the end result will be, but an architect can.

You can explain your needs and wants to the architect, and define the scope of works for the project together. After this stage, your architect will work on preliminary drawings which will be the first of many that you will see.

  1. Balancing aesthetics with structural safety

Architecturally designed projects are not simply about the beautiful aesthetics of shape, size and floorplan, it is also the responsibility of the architect to ensure the project satisfies all building codes and meets structural demand. Sometimes balancing these factors is a challenge in itself. Having a professional at the helm of your build, extension or renovation means your aesthetic dreams will also be structurally sound. Having a good architect that understands this balance can also help save you money over the course of the project as there’s no unexpected costs arising from designs that aren’t up to code.

  1. Staying environmentally friendly

In an economic climate where the costs of everything are rising, and we have genuine concerns for the future health of our planet, “green” designs can help ensure your home lasts longer, has limited consumption and saves you money over time through energy efficient design.

Some environmentally friendly options that architects can help you with include; the use of solar water heaters, use of recycled and nontoxic materials, sufficient insulation and reliable heating/cooling solutions. These items need to be planned in advance and if it’s not something you’re very familiar with yourself, an architect can help.


At Demato Construction, we work with experienced and talented architects that can tailor design your project to fit your needs, wants and budget, keeping safety in mind at all times. We understand the importance of using an architect to ensure your dreams become a reality. If you are thinking about extending or renovating your existing home, or building a custom-designed one from scratch, you can trust Demato Construction to make it happen! Give us a call today for more information on 4910 3800.