Why First Impressions count.

September 7, 2017 News

What’s your business saying about your brand?

When meeting another person for the first time, psychology studies have shown that we use our cognitive biases and filters to form a “snap judgement” in the blink of an eye. Accurate or not, those judgements are based on a millisecond size-up of an individual based on perceived attractiveness and trustworthiness. The three seconds that follow are also vital, as our conclusions become more complete. Research also suggests that these first impressions are enduring, and extremely difficult to change.

Just as we make ‘snap judgements’ about people in those first three seconds of meeting, we assess businesses and judge their worthiness within seconds of first exposure. What does your business say about your brand? What makes up a brand? While most people will immediately think of a logo as the sole voice of a brand, it is just one part of a large pie. Your logo, colours, typography, content on website, social media and promotional material are all part of your brand voice. Your office/store space and signage are too.

Consumer behaviour and judgement is driven largely on appearance, and everything from design, décor, cleanliness and flooring choices can have positive or negative effects on purchase behaviour. How well your brand matches the tone of your voice matters. If you’re trying to sell modern, funky furniture in a store that looks like an old shed or barn, there’s disconnect in your message, and customers will judge accordingly.

At Demato Construction, we aim to help our commercial clients live up to their brand voice by building top quality projects to meet their needs and budget. Your dream, is our dream and if you are worried about the message the appearance of your premises is sending to potential clientele, we can help.  If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, generate appeal and scream to your customers that you are the best choice, start by catching their attention with amazing aesthetics. To learn more about how Demato Construction can build your brand image, by building your dream store/office, call us today on 4910 3800.